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Celebrating World Water Day 2012

posted Apr 25, 2015, 2:25 PM by IT Administation   [ updated Apr 25, 2015, 2:33 PM ]

Unless we increase our capacity to use water wisely in agriculture, we will fail to end hunger and we will open the door to a range of other ills, including drought, famine and political instability."

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Message for the World Water Day 2012

For the important role of water that plays in our world and lives, KURDS NGO took the opportunity to share its commitment to achieve its vision of developing water & sanitation and promoting hygiene education in Kurdistan society through participating in celebrating the International World Water Day. The motto of the day for 2012 is water and food security.  The Project of Celebrating the world water day, was conducted in the (3) three governorates of KRG (Duhok, Erbil & Sulimaniya). The project Targeted schools in rural & urban areas of these three governorates. The reason behind this activity is to promote students' role in protecting the environment, their own lives hence the society they live in. Also to promote the school role as an important educational place and a concrete stone for building persons' personality and cultural awareness towards protecting ones society and the environment they live within.

The project was conducted in close coordination with general directorates of education in the three governorates, the school health departments in these directorates, local authorities and Media (Kurdistan Satellite TV, Kurdsat satellite TV, Gali Kurdistan satellite TV, NRT, Akre Radio and Duhok Radio).

The project included a Picture exhibition conducted by  students' of each school and a short play, played in front of the schools' students. As well as distributing posters and T-shirts that holds the logo of WWD. In addition, broadcasting a radio debate with Mr. Ziyad Abdullah the director of general directorate of irrigation in Duhok Governorate, through Duhok Radio Channel. The debate essence was about the importance of water in our daily lives, methods of using water efficiently and maintaining water resources.
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