We stand for Clarity, Quality and Transparency
KURDS is a humanitarian, non political, non profit and non governmental organization, aiming to work and serve the public interest and it is established according to scientific and engineering bases to develop the rural areas specifically in Kurdistan and generally all parts in Iraq. KURDS was founded in 1991 after having its first conference in 1991 on the basis of transparency, accountability and cost effectiveness policy by various highly educated agricultural, engineering, geological and social & civil society professional and specialist staff. The Board of Members organized this NGO due to Duhok community needs and requirements to such kinds of NGO as there was a huge administration gap at the time KURDS was established as first local NGO, so KURDS was formed due to the community necessities and requirements. Accordingly, KURDS aimed to collaborate, coordinate and cooperate closely and honestly with the Local Authority Departments, humanitarian NGOs and UN Agencies. Simultaneously KURDS commenced its duty professionally and paid much attention to the quality of the projects and proposed proposals rather than the quantities.

As it is obvious in 1991 the returning process of returnees from Iran and Turkey has started and IDPs returned to their place of origin, so KURDS establishment at that time was to facilitate the process of retuning the IDPs and returnees to their places of origin and this process get its first priority. KURDS started and still is aiming to help and target the IDPS and Returnees to go back to their places of origin through organized reconstruction programs and finding means of having viable and sustainable communities for IDPs and returnees. Beside that KURDS prepared a wide plan for Kurdistan reconstruction according to the most recent scientific means and in coordination with other concerned parties inside and outside Iraqi Kurdistan. KURDS is being able to achieve their assigned and planned aims and goals by implementing successfully more than 1500 projects in all districts and sub-districts of Duhok, Erbil and Sulaimaniya Governorates since being established till nowadays and provided the services to approximately 3000 villages in the field of reconstruction, water and sanitation, agriculture, irrigation, productive projects, agriculture extension, rural women development, improving the environment and de-mining. Furthermore, KURDS contributed actively in the development of the rural community over all Iraqi Kurdistan and its rule has been highlighted in the last two years in monitoring all elections process for establishing the democratic federalism government, Governorates council and municipalities councils.

On Jun 16th, 2008 in an official ceremony under the sponsor of His Excellency (H.E. Nechirvan Barzani) the prime minister of Kurdistan Region Government (KRG), KURDS NGO awarded with a (Civic Award) in an assessment and evaluation campaign for local NGOs in Kurdistan, organized and conducted by Ministry of Civil Society Affairs - KRG.

Its worthy to mention that out of (46) Local NGOs in Kurdistan region ,Only (7) seven NGOs were rewarded and KURDS win the (3) third position.

Mission Statement

KURDS is a humanitarian, non-governmental, non-political, non-profiting and an independent community based and public utility organization. KURDS NGO is established in 1991 as an Iraqi NGO with Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) to respond to natural or man-made disasters to address its vital objectives, reconstruction of destroyed areas during the arbitrary wars and internal conflicts, develop the targeted communities via highlighting diverse issues of awareness programmes regarding health, education, women social and political rights, violence against women, gender equity in rights and duties and capacity building programmes Simultaneously KURDS aims to develop the socio-economic conditions and environment of targeting areas by coordinating amongst the national & international agencies and targeted communities in term of raising the needs and requirements to provide transitional development, emergency responses and relief assistance nationally to the beneficiaries.
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