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KURDS definition:

Kurdistan Reconstruction and Development Society “KURDS” is a humanitarian, non-governmental, non- political, non-Profiting and an independent community based and public utility Organization. KURDS is registered with Kurdistan region Government (KRG), as independent NGOs via the registration law no. 15. The first registration No is (2) dated 1991 and the second registration No. is 6006 dated August 10, 2002 due to the law No. 15 of 2001 Erbil – Iraq

Who are we?

KURDS is an Iraqi NGO aims to operate and work for the public interest due to KURDS established principles and values set up in the establishment conference in 1991 on the basis of transparency, accountability and cost effectiveness by various highly educated agricultural, engineering, geological and social & civil societies professional and specialist staff. The Board of directors formed this NGO due to Duhok community needs and requirements as there was a huge administration gap amongst the vulnerable communities, governmental departments and international humanitarian agencies. So KURDS was formed due to the community necessities and requirements. Accordingly, KURDS collaborates, coordinates and cooperates closely and openly with the Local Authority Departments, humanitarian NGOs and UN Agencies. Simultaneously KURDS commenced its duty professionally and pay attention to the quality of the projects and proposed proposals rather than the quantities. Simultaneously, KURDS has the capacity and expertise to produce customized and targeted programs to meet identified gaps.


KURDS established in 1991 when the returning process of returnees from Iran and Turkey has started and IDPs returned to their place of origin after setting up the safe heaven in northern Iraq to facilitate the process of retuning the IDPs and returnees to their places of origin as first priority. KURDS intends to assist focused and designed reconstruction programs via finding means of having viable and sustainable communities for IDPs and returnees. Potentially, KURDS achieved the designed aims and objectives by implementing successfully more than 1500 projects in all districts and sub-districts of Duhok, Erbil and Sulaimaniya Governorates since being established and provided the services to approximately 3000 villages in the field of reconstruction, water and sanitations, agriculture, irrigation, productive projects, agriculture extension, rural women development, improving the environment and de-mining. Furthermore, KURDS contributed actively in the development of the rural community over all Iraqi Kurdistan and its rule has been highlighted in the last two years in monitoring all elections process for establishing the democratic federalism government, Governorates council and municipalities councils.

As a result of KURDS activeness, on Jun 16th, 2008 KURDS awarded a (Civic Award) in an assessment and evaluation campaign for local NGOs in Kurdistan, organized and conducted by Ministry of Civil Society Affairs - KRG.

How KURDS Work and Operate:

KURDS works and operate via the following departments:
  • Construction
  • IDPS
  • Social
  • Civil Society
  • Researches and studies
Strategic goals:

KURDS struggles to keep its credibility and independence with the good reputation amongst diverse groups of the community especially the rural community, funding agencies, international NGOs and local Authority involved departments. KURDS is capable of getting benefit from the international experiences of different international NGOs and UN agencies worked in Kurdistan since 1991. After 1992 KURDS participated in the majority of the training courses, conferences and workshops. KURDS is planning to open new branches in all governorates in Iraq. KURDS is struggling and doing the best to transfer the activities from the emergency cases and relief to reconstruction and development via communicating with various donors to get direct benefit from the new developed strategies, techniques, technologies and experiences and to follow the development in all its aspects.

One of the main strategies of KURDS is to play an active role in the construction and development process of the new Iraq. As an initial step toward this end, KURDS was engaged in the monitoring process of all Iraqi Elections, in Duhok Governorate. It also led the community and international organizations, and mass media to organize a conference to discuss the deprivation of some areas from the voting rights, and managed to convey the demands of the people of these areas to relevant authorities. KURDS has introduced a new section specialized in the programs geared toward civilizing the rural areas, supporting establishment of community organizations, and strengthen inter-organization relations and efforts to establish a network of civil community organizations in the north

Contact Information:

Duhok Office (main office):

KURDS NGO, GRE-Base Sector, Duhok, Kurdistan Region - Iraq

Mobile:      +964 (0)750 4506118
Land line:   062 722 4134

Erbil Office:

KURDS NGO, Doside st. Ainkawa, Erbil, Kurdistan Region - Iraq

Mobile:      +964 (0)750 4508210

Suleimani Office:

KURDS NGO, xxx xxx, Suleimani, Kurdistan Region - Iraq

Mobile:      +964 (0) xxx

Romania, Bucharest Office:
Strada parcului 76 Vila 83g, Bucuresti,
Sector 1, Romania

Mobile:        0722227619

American Office:


1717 Pennsylvania Avenue NW 
Suite 1025 Washington DC 20006
 Phone: +1 (717)658-8019