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At KURDS NGO, we believe every act of compassion can ignite a chain reaction of positive change. For over two decades, we've witnessed the transformative power of partnerships with dedicated donors like UNHCR, Save the Children, USAID, IOM, UNESCO, OCHA, UNICEF, UNDP, and Mercy Corps. Together, we've empowered vulnerable communities across Iraq, Turkey, and Syria, rebuilding lives and nurturing hope from the ground up.

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Your partnership with KURDS NGO can make a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals and families. Here are some of the critical areas where your support can bring light:

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We invite you to explore our website, learn more about our projects and impact stories, and discover how your partnership can shape a brighter future for vulnerable communities in the region. Whether you're a private donor, a foundation, or a corporate partner, together, we can write a new chapter of resilience and empowerment.

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KURDS has been collaborating with various aid organizations that have been operating in the Kurdistan region. Some of these reputable organisations have been listed below.

Standing tall alongside KURDS NGO as a cornerstone of support for refugees in Iraq, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, brings over 70 years of global expertise and unwavering commitment to providing a lifeline for those forced to flee. Through generous contributions, UNHCR fuels KURDS NGO's vital work on the ground, ensuring refugees receive life-saving necessities like food, shelter, and healthcare. But compassion doesn't stop there. Together, we build sustainable solutions by empowering communities through education, skills training, and livelihood programs, paving the way for self-sufficiency and a brighter future. UNHCR is proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with KURDS NGO, and to witness firsthand the transformation they bring to the lives of refugees. Thanks to their partnership, hope blossoms even in the face of hardship, and a path towards rebuilding lives takes root.

For over seven decades, IOM, the International Organization for Migration, has walked hand-in-hand with KURDS NGO to offer a steady hand and a guiding light to vulnerable migrants and communities across Iraq, Turkey, and Syria. As unwavering champions of safe and orderly migration, we work alongside KURDS NGO's deep regional understanding and tireless dedication to empower those uprooted by conflict and hardship. Together, we craft lasting solutions – not just offering immediate relief, but fostering dignified living conditions through infrastructure projects, livelihood opportunities, and unwavering advocacy for their rights. Beyond safety, we ignite hope. We equip young minds with education, empower families with skills, and build resilient communities where every journey leads to a brighter tomorrow.

For a century, Save the Children has woven its global mission of child well-being into the fabric of Kurdistan and Iraq in general. They ensure that every child, regardless of displacement or hardship, has a chance to thrive. Here in Iraq, where conflict has cast a long shadow, they safeguard children's health through vital medical care and community education. They build brighter futures by constructing schools, training teachers, and equipping children with the tools to learn and grow. And when disaster strikes, we stand united, delivering emergency relief and spearheading long-term recovery efforts, ensuring no child faces hardship alone. Save the Children is proud to be a vital donor, witnessing firsthand the impact they make on young lives. 

In times of hardship, OCHA, the UN's humanitarian coordination arm, stands as a beacon of global solidarity. In Iraq and Kurdistan, we proudly partner with KURDS NGO, channelling critical resources and coordinating life-saving responses to emergencies. When disaster strikes, we work hand-in-hand with their deep local knowledge and unwavering dedication to ensure swift and impactful action. They mobilize emergency relief – food, shelter, medical supplies – reaching those in urgent need. They are champion local voices, ensuring communities have a vital say in their own recovery. OCHA is honoured to serve as a catalyst for optimism, having witnessed their transformative impact in times of crisis firsthand. 

For decades, UNICEF has championed the rights and well-being of children around the world, and in Iraq and Kurdistan. They have a deep understanding of the region and unwavering dedication to ensure every child, regardless of circumstance, has a chance to thrive. They weave a safety net for vulnerable children – providing healthcare, education, and protective services. Likewise, they build brighter futures by equipping schools with resources, training teachers, and promoting early childhood development. In times of crisis, we as KURDS NGO stand united, delivering emergency relief and spearheading long-term recovery efforts that prioritize children's needs. UNICEF is proud to be a key donor witnessing directly the transformation they ignite in young lives. Our partnership is a testament to our shared belief that every child deserves a safe haven, a quality education, and a future brimming with possibility.

In the heart of Kurdistan, NDI, the National Democratic Institute, stands as a beacon of hope for those who believe that true resilience lies in the hands of the people. As a leading global advocate for democracy, NDI empowers communities in Iraq and Kurdistan to forge a brighter future through active participation and accountable governance. Their efforts foster political inclusion by supporting youth engagement and women's leadership, ensuring every voice has a chance to be heard. They strengthen civil society organizations, equipping them with tools and training to effectively advocate for their needs and hold those in power accountable. And they promote transparency and integrity by enhancing electoral processes and fostering dialogue between citizens and their leaders, building trust and strengthening the bonds of democracy. NDI's unwavering commitment to grassroots participation and democratic values is a testament to their belief that true resilience and sustainable development stem from empowered communities shaping their own destiny. Their efforts in Iraq and Kurdistan lay the foundation for a future where democracy not only alleviates hardship but empowers societies to thrive.

Across 40 nations grappling with adversity, Mercy Corps stands steadfast, alongside the resilient communities of Iraq and Kurdistan. We are a lifeline in the face of disaster, conflict, and economic hardship, helping people not just survive, but rise again with renewed strength. From providing emergency relief during natural disasters to rebuilding shattered economies and fostering peace amidst chronic threats, MercyCorps works hand-in-hand with local communities, empowering them to overcome challenges and chart a brighter future. We bridge the gap between immediate needs and lasting solutions, offering sustainable development programs that create long-term stability and opportunity. In Iraq and Kurdistan, MercyCorps is proud to be a driving force for positive change, working tirelessly to alleviate suffering, support livelihoods, and cultivate hope. We see not just hardship, but the incredible resilience of the human spirit, and we are committed to standing by their side every step of the way.

In the intricate fabric of Iraq and Kurdistan, intertwined threads of challenge and perseverance. UNDP, the UN's global development program, stands woven into this fabric, working for a future where hope outshines hardship. We are advocates for change, connecting communities to knowledge, experience, and resources that empower them to build a better life, not just survive it. Our mission echoes in disaster response, where we deliver vital aid while fostering long-term solutions. It takes form in reviving economies through infrastructure projects and skills training, ensuring sustainable livelihoods. It shines in promoting peace and stability by strengthening institutions and fostering dialogue. Through every thread of our work, UNDP weaves a safety net of resilience, empowering communities to thrive even amidst adversity. In Iraq and Kurdistan, we stand as allies in progress, committed to leaving no one behind on the path to sustainable development. We see not just the challenges, but the boundless potential within every community, and we are dedicated to building a future where hope takes root and flourishes.

Across the diverse tapestry of Iraq and Kurdistan, USAID, the U.S. government's lead development agency, weaves threads of hope and possibility. Our mission: empower communities to rise above poverty and conflict, building resilient, democratic societies where everyone can thrive. We invest in lasting solutions – not just providing emergency relief, but fostering self-reliance through economic development initiatives, infrastructure projects, and skills training programs. We champion inclusive governance, supporting democratic institutions and promoting human rights, ensuring every voice is heard and every right protected. In times of crisis, USAID stands united with communities, delivering life-saving aid and spearheading long-term recovery efforts. We prioritize education, fostering the next generation of leaders and equipping them with the tools to build a brighter future. And we nurture peace and stability through conflict resolution initiatives, promoting dialogue and understanding across divides. USAID sees a partner in progress within each community, a reservoir of resilience and potential just waiting to be unleashed. By investing in these values, we weave a stronger future for Iraq and Kurdistan, a future where hope not only endures, but flourishes.

In the orchestra of human cultures, UNESCO conducts the chorus of understanding and mutual respect in Iraq and Kurdistan, safeguarding cultural heritage, promoting education, and weaving a symphony of hope for a peaceful and thriving future. Our mission is to empower communities to preserve their unique heritage, fostering cross-cultural understanding and tolerance. We build resilience through education, providing vital learning opportunities for children and adults alike. We safeguard cultural treasures, restoring and protecting sites of historical significance for future generations. In times of conflict, UNESCO stands firm, promoting peacebuilding initiatives and safeguarding educational infrastructure. We believe that knowledge is a bridge, not a barrier, and we work tirelessly to ensure access to education even in the most challenging contexts. Across Iraq and Kurdistan, UNESCO sees not just hardship, but the rich tapestry of human potential. We are committed to weaving threads of hope, understanding, and sustainable development, building a future where every culture shines and every voice finds its chorus.

Across Iraq and Kurdistan, the U.S. Department of State stands as a steadfast partner in fostering progress and stability. Our mission goes beyond upholding American values – it's about building a better future for everyone in the region. Supporting democracy isn't just about ideals, it's about practical benefits. By cultivating inclusive governance, accountable institutions, and respect for human rights, we create fertile ground for economic development, security, and prosperity. This benefits everyone: stronger economies create new opportunities, robust legal systems ensure safety and stability, and empowered citizens contribute to a more peaceful and productive society. Our commitment extends beyond immediate needs. We invest in education and healthcare, empowering future generations to be architects of their own destiny. We work tirelessly to combat transnational threats like terrorism and human trafficking, safeguarding communities and strengthening regional security. And we champion environmentally sustainable practices, ensuring a healthier planet for all. In Iraq and Kurdistan, the U.S. Department of State sees not just challenges, but immense potential. Through our unwavering support for democracy and inclusive development, we lay the foundation for a brighter future – one where stability reigns, opportunities flourish, and every individual has the chance to thrive.