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The UN's refugee agency opens a new IDP camp in the Iraqi town Hammam al-Alil, south of Mosul, to host people who have been displaced by the fighting in western Mosul, the organisation says.

GlobalMedic travelled to an internally displaced persons camp in northern Iraq, where they distributed winterization items. This camp is home to thousands of people who are escaping below zero temperatures and the threat of ISIL.

Iraq: 300,000 displaced people remain in Duhok camps for a decade.  Frustration is growing among 300,000 displaced people from the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar.  They have been living in camps in the neighbouring Kurdish region for years, waiting for a chance to return.

GPC Coordinator, Simon Russell, addresses the vast needs of people of concern displaced by the conflict in Mosul arriving in camp settings. He calls for comprehensive protection services, including Mental Health and Psychological Support Services and Health services. GPC Coordinator in Hassansham IDP camp, Mosul operation, Iraq